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Airis Clothing is an elegant clothing and accessory line making its mark on the world. Airis (meaning As I Rise I Succeed) started as an idea created by Sir B.L. (Henri Jones Jr.) at the age of 19 to start something that brought luxury & good taste from the South Sacramento Valley Hi Neighborhood to the rest of the globe. From music to clothing the brand has been on constant growth. Dropping the Valley Hi staple tees set fire to the city of Sacramento & others all across the nation. Some of the brand’s most popular clothing items include outerwear, hoodies, crewnecks, message t-shirts, caps, beanies, socks and belts. The company’s groundbreaking accessory line features smoke essentials (storage containers, custom ashtrays, cannabis rolling trays, etc.), key chains & more! We are here to elevate the culture, push positivity, & show you can make something better for yourself if you stick to it. Airis Clothing.

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